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CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai is one of the leading dental services in the city and surrounding areas. With its experts and experienced staff, CM Dental Clinic is the place to choose for professional and hygienic dental treatment. From a very basic oral exam to high performance cosmetic dentistry CM Dental Clinic is well equipped to ensure your procedure is completed to the highest standard. We use the latest dental instruments and innovations to assure all patients receive a painless, safe and hygienic dental treatment.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai

All dental fees are very attractive and reasonable compared with American, European or Australian dental practices. Furthermore CM Dental Clinic also provides a free limo transfer for all global patients from there hotel to the clinic, CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai has been providing premium oral health care and dental services since 2007. It has a reputation for having the highest standards in Chiang Mai and each and every procedure is to the highest standard.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai

We provide the following services oral examination, consulting, teeth cleaning, polishing and fluoride application, filling with resin, veneer, oral surgery, gum treatment, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry such as Air–Flow teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental braces, dental crown, bridge and dentures. There are also pediatric dentists and dental implants. CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai is truly an all-in-one dental service with many years of experience to guarantee the best quality of all dental treatments.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai

Another reason you should choose CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai is its treatment fees which are very reasonable and attractive with every treatment completed to the highest standard. For example, dental implants in Australia cost from $4500 – $7500 per tooth, while here at CM Dental Clinic the prices start from $1500 – $2500 (AUD) only. Plus the patients will be able to spend that extra money on their wonderful trip to Chiang Mai, exploring the best spas and luxury resorts Thailand has to offer. You may also consider booking a whole family dental trip without worrying about the cost.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai is on the east side of Chiang Mai city, near the Super High Way. The building was designed to be a complete dental clinic with a small garden and a parking area. The lobby area is very comfortable and spotless, the garden is next to the lobby with a waterfall to create a relaxing atmosphere. There is a refreshment corner which provides free hot coffee, chocolate drink and drinking water. There are magazines and newspapers for the patients to read while wait for their dentist.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai

CM Dental Chiang Mai Clinic will be happy to give any information to those that are interested. Just send them an email or call to ask for any information. CM Dental Clinic will be glad to answer any questions and they would be honored to be a part of your right smile.

For more information please visit the website and contact information above.

CM Dental Clinic Chiang Mai

Dr.Laddawan has received 'Fellow' of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) from Bergmann, Vice president of German Society of Implantology (DGOI).

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